Wondering what Christmas looks like in Lille in 2023? Here are some pictures taken by me.

The Christmas spirit on an early morning at the Place du Théâtre, in Lille.
The Idéale Chenille ride which is installed in Lille each year during the Christmas period has existed for over 100 years. It is de facto a part of Lille’s Christmas tradition which offers fun rides to families and children.
Lille’s Christmas market in 2023 featured 89 exhibitors: from shops to artisans, to creators from all over France and France’s neighbouring countries. It is a highlight of Lille’s Christmas installation and often very reasonably crowded.
Lille’s tall Christmas tree is seen the moment you exit the Rihour metro station. It is standing on Grand Places and illuminates brightly at night.
The Grand Roue (ferris wheel) takes Christmas visitors in Lille to heights for amazing overlooking views of the city. This year, it also offered dining options to those who wanted to have a meal with friends and family during the ride.
When you come to Lille’s Grand Place during Christmas, don’t forget to take the stairs at the Théâtre du Nord building for an overlooking view.

Were you in Lille this Christmas? What do you think of Lille’s Christmas scene? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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