Above all the places I have been to in Europe, no other city has imprinted itself in my heart as deeply as the beautiful Bavarian capital city of Munich in Germany.

Hofgarten in Munich, Germany.
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, der Gemutlichkeit!

When I visited Europe for the first time to attend my friends’ wedding in Salzburg, Austria, I entered a new continent through Munich.

I landed in Munich during my first visit to Europe. Look which region of the planet I live now!

I also always considered Munich my home in Germany, as I once lived and worked there, and I still have close friends whom I regard as an extension of my family despite the distance and the fact that I live in France.

Munich’s Marienplatz shines brightly at night. This square is located in the heart of Munich.

Munich is also the most frequent city that I travelled to in Germany. And why not? It’s among, if not the prettiest, cities in Germany, rich in beautiful sights, iconic buildings, and full of culture. Even more so, its proximity to the Alpine region means it is a natural magnet for people who love mountains like me, which offers plenty of activities and breathtaking views.

The Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany near Munich.
Munich’s iconic skyline.

Munich: More than Oktoberfest

Many international visitors often visit Munich because of Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest and most popular beer festival, which runs for at least 2 weeks in September until the first week of October.

Happy moments with friends at Munich’s Oktoberfest!

Though admittedly I am not a huge beer drinker, I have been fortunate to experience Oktoberfest many times because of my Bavarian friends. In fact, I had my first taste of Oktoberfest during my first visit to Europe.

Gone rogue with my attire during my first Oktoberfest attendance.
But I had so much fun!

I was truly fascinated to see Germans wearing fancy traditional Bavarian costumes parading with elegantly decorated horses from the city to the Oktoberfest grounds. The Oktoberfest grounds, the Theresienwiese, are the happening place during Oktoberfest, where you will find all the huge beer tents set up alongside many exhilarating rides, as well as the famous Lady Bavaria statue and St. Paul’s Church.

The Lady Bavaria statue in Theresienwiese in Munich
One of the thrilling rides at Theresienwiese during Oktoberfest.

If you love drinking beers or are just plain curious about Oktoberfest, I think you should not miss the opportunity to experience it and the fun of visiting Munich.

Fancy decorated horses strut through the streets in Munich during the Oktoberfest parade.

However, Munich—or Bavaria, in general—is a lot more than just Oktoberfest. The region is also extremely stunning during Christmas with its fabulous traditional German Christmas markets.

Aside from Oktoberfest season, Christmastime is also a great time to visit Munich. Its traditional Christmas markets are so beautiful.

There is certainly something to do and see for everyone, and if you are the type of person who loves spending time outdoors and visiting the Alps, you are definitely in for a treat in Munich!

Life in Munich

Based on my own experience, Munich offers a great life for young professionals and those with families. Of course, this depends on many variables. Although it is an expensive, I had higher quality of life when I lived there compared to what I had in Asia.

A scenic street in Munich near the iconic church called Frauenkirche.

When I worked in Munich, I lived in a Bavarian town called Worthsee in the district of Starnberg, which is the location of Bavaria’s most beautiful lakes.

My favourite breakfast when I lived in Germany at a café called IHLE.

Starnberg district is located just on the southwestern outskirts of Munich, highly accessible by public buses and S-Bahn trains from the city centre. During the summer, droves of people from Munich come to this wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful sights.

Running around the lake in Wörthsee near Munich.
The lake in Wörthsee is clear and stunning. If you want to avoid touristy lakes in Munich , then it’s the lake to be!

My favourite is the picturesque lake in Worthsee: I ran around this lake a few times and it was a total joy to do. I also went boating with my friends on this lake and relished the delicious local cuisine at the restaurants that surround it.

Munich’s S-Bahn train.

I also liked the Ammersee Lake in Herrsching, although it looks a bit touristy. There, you can do boat tours to see the villages that surround this lake. The village of Herrsching is one of the termini of Munich’s S8 S-Bahn train line (the other being Munich Airport).

Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. Many expats who work in Munich often complain about the cost of living and, particularly, how difficult it is to find an apartment.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Nature in Bavaria.

Doorway to Stunning Places in Austria

As Munich is located near the southeastern border of Germany, you can easily visit many breathtaking places in Austria.

The sweeping views of The Alps at the southern German border or in Austria is just an hour away from Munich.

Whenever I am in Munich, I always try to find a way to visit the lovely Austrian town of Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart.

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