“Laissez-moi brader” (English: Let me sell). This is the central message of a viral video (read: watch below) promoting the largest festival in Northern France in 2023: the Lille Braderie. The Lille Braderie (French: La Braderie de Lille) is the biggest flea market in both France and Europe, and the most celebrated one which attracts at least 3 million visitors annually who are in a hunt for pre-loved collections and second-hand objects at bargain prices.

When does Lille Braderie happen?

The Lille Braderie occurs every year during the first weekend of September. In 2023, it will be held from 2-3 September.

Thousands of visitors find bargains on the street of Wazemmes in Lille, Northern France.

What else to do during Lille Braderie?

While its enormous flea market is central to the celebration of Lille Braderie as the festival name implies, it is also surrounded with many activities and events that ensure everyone will have a good time in Lille during the period.

What’s more: the Lille Braderie presents a perfect time to enjoy Northern France region’s cuisines highly influenced by the Flemish culture. There are brasseries and gourmet restaurants as well as tea rooms, but don’t leave Lille without trying an estaminet!

Lille Braderie boasts at least 10,000 exhibitors. The biggest exhibitors line up along Lille’s Boulevard de la Libert√©.

Lille Braderie is an invitation to explore Northern France

When tourists visit France for the first time, the Northern France region does not always make it to the top. This means that the Lille Braderie is an opportunity for you to explore a French region away from the beaten path. You will be surprised as I did just how many “secret” gems this corner of France holds (and still finding new ones!).

If you are among those who are coming to Lille to see for yourself Europe’s largest flea market, you might as well extend your days (if possible) to see these must-visit places:

See you in Lille Braderie and laisse-moi brader!

If you are coming to the Lille Braderie this year, do explore the exhibitors in Vieux-Lille quarter: my partner and I will be there to sell some stuff! Who knows? You might find yourself some great treasures.

If you are interested to know more about the Lille Braderie, head over to its official website at: https://www.braderie-de-lille.fr/ (French)

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