Today, I went with my French partner to a hardware store called Brico Dépôt in Leers, Nord, France to buy a replacement for our water heater… but I found a tech gem instead!

Here it is:

Affordable, lightweight, and flexible — could this be the geekiest gadget of all that I could carry around and be ready to consume or create multimedia anywhere and anytime?

It is basically a phone stand… except it does so much more and I could think of many other use cases for it.

Officially, on its box, as shown in the image above, it says that this product could be used as a mobile phone stand in an office during meetings, on the bed as a mobile phone stand to watch YouTube or streaming videos on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, in the car to let your bored passenger enjoy video content while on the trip, install it on the bike to use it as your GPS tracker if you forgot your watch, on the floor, and lastly — and quite frankly, hilariously, around the neck!

The last bit, though it sounds silly at the onset, also means that you could use your phone while walking or hiking in the mountains/forests, when you walking on a treadmill, and hell yeah, while you are doing your dishes or while dumping in the toilet. 😂

It liberates your hands to do some other things.

That makes this mobile phone accessory mega-useful!

What I also like about it is that it is so easy to carry around. It can be transformed into a coil form for better portability and its holder is easily detachable/attachable.

All these benefits are at the cost of 13 EUR. Take my money, please…

Could this be the geekiest gadget of all? What are your thoughts? 🤔

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