Roubaix’s La Piscine museum hands down is one of the best museums to visit in Lille. Located just about 20-30 minutes away by metro from LIlle’s Lille Flandres train station, La Piscine is highly accessible and it offers spectacular sights and incredible art piece collections for your viewing pleasure.

View of the entrance of La Piscine in the city of Roubaix in northern France.

Pamper yourself with a high tea session at La Piscine’s restaurant and cafe by Lille’s famous Meert brand

Perfect your visit to Roubaix’s La Piscine in its cafe/restaurant catered by Meert, a popular brand in Lille. After enjoying the artworks in the museum, you can complete your visit with a high tea season for an unforgettable afternoon indulgence that is fit for royalty indoors or in La Piscine’s enclosed garden.

After a satisfying tour in the La Piscine museum, you can take a seat and have a perfect relaxing afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea and some tasty cakes by Meert!
The view of an internal garden in La Piscine in Roubaix. You can enjoy this area while having your luxurious high tea in La Piscine’s cafe by Meert.

Here are some photos I have taken myself from the museum:

La Piscine is a one-of-a-kind French museum near Lille. It’s definitely a must-visit!
A towering statue in Roubaix’s La Piscine museum. Discover this and more pieces of extraordinary artwork in the ville of Roubaix.
Roubaix’s La Piscine was literally a piscine or a (public) swimming pool. For many Roubaisians, the La Piscine has witnessed the history of Roubaix and its inhabitants. Today, it holds one of France’s most beautiful museums.
I could not resist myself to have fun in Roubaix’s La Piscine museum!
Life-sized statues encircle the old swimming pool hall.
The former entrance of the La Piscine in Roubaix.
Make sure to bring a camera and relish this wonderful sight.
You can spend half of your day in the La Piscine museum to fully enjoy this place.
Fine arts in all directions! La Piscine also regularly holds themed-exhibitions so make sure you visit their website to check out what’s new.
La Piscine’s lobby! Here’s where you ask for more information about the La Piscine.

Got questions about the La Piscine or Roubaix? Let me know. I live nearby!

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