If you’re in Lille and looking for a quieter yet modern shopping mall that got all you need, look no further than south! Enter Lillenium, Lille’s most underrated shopping centre.

Lillenium’s modern interior design. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other shopping mall in Lille that surpasses this view.

Located at 2 Rue du Faubourg des Postes, just across a highway bridge at Lille’s southern periphery near Porte des Postes métro station, this shopping centre boasts an impressive architecture, and modern yet sustainable design.

To me, it looks more modern than Lille’s more popular Euralille shopping centre which is located centrally near Lille-Flandres train station.

Lillenium was the first shopping mall I have been to since I moved to Lille as an international student. I went there to buy groceries at Leclerc during the pandemic.

My first trip to Lillenium. The mall opens at 8am and closes at 8pm. I like that the mall is often open exceptionally on many holidays when all other stores are shut.
During the pandemic, the shopping mall was extremely quiet and many shops were understandably closed.
My first ever shopping in Lille and in France happened in Lillenium! 😁

Today, Lillenium is booming and more well-known. Its variety and number of shops have continued to evolve.

View of Lillenium’s Main entrance.

Aside from having a hypermarket, there are also now many shops that concern beauty and health, electronic shops such as Darty, jewellery and accessories, home, and clothing brands such as H&M, New Yorker, Deichmann, Okaïdi, and more.

Lillenium features clear glass ceilings. It’s the most modern shopping that I’ve been to in Lille. During sunny days, you will not be depressed when you visit this shopping mall as it’s very bright.

I really like that there’s an Action store on the second floor. I love going to Action for budget shopping of my necessities in sports, pets, and even electronic gadgets.

During Christmastime, Lillenium’s interiors illuminate with sparkling Christmas lights and decorations. The shopping centre is like a theme park!

The mall also features a “Mium District” on its second floor. This space is dedicated to leisure and catering to complement the shopping experience with a moment of relaxation.

Its array of restaurants offer varied and quality cuisines to satisfy all your gourmet desires.

There’s a Basic-Fit gym in Lillenium. Such a great thing to integrate inside a shopping mall.

On its ground floor, you will find a few cafés (I particularly love Columbus café!) and great views of the shopping mall’s interior design.

The cafés have numerous power outlets which are very useful and important to me in case I need to charge my phone.

What’s more, even the shopping mall’s standing tables have power points too! And with the mall’s free WiFi, technically you can work there if that’s how you feel like doing!

Descending on the escalator from the malls entrance is a delightful experience.
I loved to work in the cafés at Lillenium: they’re often quiet and the views are fantastic especially on a sunny day.
The Columbus café at Lillenium’s ground floor is my favourite place. I regularly come here to have a black coffee and a croissant/pain au chocolat while working with my laptop.
A snap of me when I was a student in Lille. You could easily find me sitting in one of the cafés in Lillenium doing some work.

Is it safe to go to Lillenium?

Yes, Lillenium employs security guards aplenty. This is important especially that the quarter where it is located is historically known to be a bit less safe.

Lillenium, however, stands just a few metres away from a big police station called Commissariat de Police Nationale de Lille, so that gives a feel of more security. In all of my numerous visits to this shopping mall, I never had any negative experience on the matter of safety.

Here are other photos I have personally taken from Lillenium shopping centre:

A beautiful sunset over a railway outside of Lillenium.
When I shop on Amazon, I often choose Lillenium as my delivery point.
Lillenium regularly holds themed exhibitions and events in its atrium for families and kids.

Have you been to Lillenium? Let me know in the comments!

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