Thionville was one of the first French cities I have ever visited as I had a relationship with someone who lives there when I was still based in Singapore. Located in Lorraine, Grand Est region,  near the borders of Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany, Thionville is famous for cross-border workers who live on French soil and work in neighbouring EU countries, especially in Luxembourg. Here’s why this town is worth a visit for a bit of sightseeing!

Thionville straddles the river Moselle in northeastern France. Also known as Diedenhofen (German name of Thionville), this commune was the scene of the Allies fighting or traveling through during World War II.

How to get to Thionville?

Thionville is located about 27 kilometres from Luxembourg. As a border town, it is accessible by car (27 minutes), train (24 minutes), bus (35 minutes), and carpooling services like Blablacar.

From Lille, it takes about 4 hours to reach Thionville via Belgium and Luxembourg highways with a BlaBlaCar car-sharing service.

What to see in Thionville?

Thionville offers a walking circuit for visitors who wish  to explore its city centre. Sights to see are the Place du Marché and the Neo-Classical Church of St. Maximin, which has paintings from the 17th to the 19th century, and a remarkable organ, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Thionville’s archaeology museum in the famous 11th-century Puces Tower is also worth seeing. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy have a stroll by the river Moselle.

Here are some pictures I have taken myself from my past trips to Thionville to inspire your next trip:

A walking street in Thionville’s old town.
It’s also a place for shopping in town.
A secluded restaurant in Thionville’s old town.
A quiet street at Thionville’s old town centre.
A scene at Thionville’s town centre during winter.
A typical frosty morning in Thionville.
The path by the river Moselle river connects directly to Metz and to Luxemburg in another direction.
Glimpse of Thionville’s old town buildings.
An old church at Thionville’s old town centre.
A bike lane in Thionville under a lovely line of trees.
The centre-ville of Thionville in Moselle department, Grand Est region, France.
Taking photographs on the bank of river Moselle in Thionville, France.
The mairie (town hall) of Thionville.
A pose by river Moselle in Thionville, Grand Est, France.
The commune of Thionville is also filled with history especially given its border location.
A lovely summer morning in the suburb of Thionville.
Try the mirabelle tart when you visit Thionville. It’s one of the regional specialities in the Lorraine region.
Mirabelle fruits

If you visit Thionville, you might as well see Metz

If you are coming to visit Thionville, I highly recommend that you visit the student city of Metz located about an hour away to the south.

One of the highlights in the student city of Metz.
Like Lille, Metz crowd is young as it is considered a university city.

Have you been to Thionville? Share in the comments below!

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