Ask a French person about the Ville of Roubaix, a city located in the Nord region of France and part of the Lille Metropolitan area, and you will probably get an unimpressive response about what they think about the city.

As of this writing — incidentally — I have lived more or less about 2 years in Roubaix. While it is surely not the most beautiful of all the French cities I have been to and I have seen by far, it is also not as bad as what many people think of it.

Park Barbieux in Roubaix, Nord, France.

But thanks to the city’s Park Barbieux, in my view, this green space made the city a much better place to live, especially for people who love staying active outdoors and spending quiet time with nature like me.

Here are some photos to testify that and to show that it is worth a visit especially when the weather is nice:

The park has a fountain, ponds, and wild ducks and swans occasionally swimming in them.
When the weather is good, Park Barbieux offers a great opportunity for its visitors to relax and enjoy nature.
A slow stroll around the park will make you feel better.
Park Barbieux makes Roubaix a much better place to live as it adds to the lifestyle of its nearby habitants.
In Spring, the park’s trees bloom and enhance the scenery.
Visitors often come to sit on the benches located by the pond to watch the time pass by. Others prefer to stay under the shade of the tree with their books. As for me, I prefer to wear my running shoes and run around the park!

Video of Park Barbieux

Park Barbieux in spring.

A Bit About Roubaix

The primary concern of people is safety and many put Roubaix’s safety level alongside the city of Marseilles.

In reality, this is far from the truth based on my experience. In the last two years, I have had zero incidents in this city since I moved here. To quote my husband: “Ça dépend la rue” and I couldn’t further agree with him on that.

Compared to the many cities I have been to in Southeast Asia, Roubaix is actually very developed, safe, has a cultural character, and is full of history. Its plethora of bourgeois buildings is a testament that Roubaix was once a very rich city.

Indeed, it was once France’s capital for its textile industry, specializing in woolen goods.

I will be writing more about Roubaix, my home city in France in future blog posts.

What do you think about Park Barbieux?

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