Lille is the gateway to exploring the Nord region of France.

In case you are wondering what to see there, here are some stunning images I have personally photographed to help inspire your future visits.

Lille’s Place de Theatre looks stunning on a sunny day in the Summer.
Lille’s magnificent Chamber of Commerce belfry (Beffroi de la Chambre de Commerce de Lille) is the most prominent building in the city.
Magnificent “instagrammy” boulevard near Porte d’Arras train station with sakura-like, blooming trees on both sides of the road. Best to catch this in early Spring.
The array of buildings on the street of Rue Faidherbe leading to the Place de Theatre gives a feel of the stunning French architecture.
The sophisticated Palais des Beaux-Arts is among the most picturesque buildings in Lille.
A magical afternoon at the Jardin des Plantes de Lille.
Return to the past in the old centre of Lille called Vieux Lille.
Fancy a cup of café allongé? You’ll be glad to hear that Lille is littered with cafés in all directions.
A perfect place to free your mind is by spending your time at one of the tables in Citadelle de Lille with a book or a beer in the hand!
The students relishing the sunshine at Parc Vauban is quite a wonderful sight.
If you’re lucky enough, you will be able to see a breathtaking blast of sunset across Lille’s Rue Nationale.
The park in the Citadelle de Lille looks stunning during autumn when red and golden coloured leaves cover the grounds.
The street scene during La Braderie de Lille, the biggest flea market in Europe, is a sight to behold.
Having an outdoor breakfast in one of the cafés at the Place de Strasbourg while marveling at the French architecture is a pleasant experience.
View of the sunrise from the train platform of Porte de Douai.
Can you find this amazing café in Lille’s Vieux Lille?
Lille’s Grand Place in the late sunny afternoon can give the surrounding buildings a variety of contrasting colors.
Even more so in the early evening when the colourful lights are on.
Your trip to Lille is not complete without visiting the Porte de Paris located near the city hall.
The Gare de Lille-Flandres, Lille’s central train station, is a sight to appreciate.
The interiors of the Vielle Bourse building located opposite the opera is a must-see.
A beautiful scene at the Citadelle de Lille during a sunny winter day.

Day Trips from Lille

Looking to expand your horizons in northern France? Consider these excellent day trips from Lille:

I regularly update this post whenever I discover new stunning sights in Lille that deserve to be featured.

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