If you are like me, who loves to see the view of the open sea, I am certain that you will fall in love with the coastal town of Wimereux, located in the Haut-de-France region. Wimereux is a French commune known historically as one of the second homes of the rich people from Lille and Paris.

Today, it holds some phenomenal views of the Opal Coast.

To get to Wimereux, I booked a BlaBlaCar car-sharing trip from Lille. I left the city early on a sunny morning in Spring and travelled for about 2 hours to get to the town of Wimereux.

Of course, I only highly recommend to anyone to visit Wimereux when you know for sure that the sun will be shining and the sky will be blue. This way, you will make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Here are some photos I took myself from my visit to Wimereux:

I was greeted by this fancy mermaid statue as soon as I got off from the BlaBlaCar taxi. I took it as a the symbol of Wimereux.
From the hill, I started my way down the coast. This was scenic and felt exciting as the view of the open sea starts to become more and more visible.
Pont de Chemin de Fer de Wimereux.
Wimereux is dotted with restaurants and cafés along it’s coast and in its town. It was easy to find a perfect place to grab some lunch and a cup of café allongé (long coffee).
Wimereux’s town hall looks so cute.
Many parts of the Wimereux’s coast are scenic cliffs. They also feature trails for visitors who wish to do hiking.
As it was low tide when I visited Wimereux, I saw flocks of seagulls (moet) combing through the large beach to look for food.
Like many beaches of the Opal Coast, Wimereux’s beach is large and wide, especially during low tide.
I made sure to carry my old Canon DSLR for my trip to Wimereux, France. It was worth it!
View of the English Channel from Wimereux’s coast boardwalk.
Fantastic view of the coastal French town of Wimereux.

After spending a relaxing day on the Opal Coast, I booked another BlaBlaCar to return to Lille. Overall, my day trip to Wimereux was great and flawless.

I can’t wait to do another one when the weather is good again. I think I would want to hike along the coast on my next visit there!

What do you think of Wimereux? Have you been there? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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