My blog has been on fire since last month and is nicely taking shape!

I managed to write and publish many new blog posts, especially about my recent trips to Europe.

I am thankful for my current “in-between jobs” situation as, in a way, this gave me plenty of time to do some of the things I love: sports, travelling, and writing.

Today, I am happy to announce that I have now started to create official accounts on social media for JohnisOffline. I recommend that you follow these pages, which I am currently optimizing, for exciting content in the future:

Moving forward, I will be doing more trips within France, especially to towns and cities near Lille, and writing about them. I am also customizing the “look and feel” of this blog so it can be more engaging to you and other readers.

Thanks for reading this update and I look forward to sharing more exciting content in the future!

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