I showed you in a recent blog if Calais is worth a visit by making my first trip there. I was quite impressed with what I have seen there: from Calais’ beautiful town hall to its scenic beach. However, after a bit of research, I figured that there was a lot more to see. So, I quickly organized another day trip there as soon as I learned that a sunny day was coming.

In this blog post, I will take you on a day tour via Calais to the popular Cap Blanc-Nez, a scenic coast on the French’s Opal Coast which features white-coloured cliffs similar to the white cliffs of Dover on the other side of the English Channel in the UK.

Day Trip to Cap Blanc-Nez by Public Transport

If you’re like me who can’t drive and has no car, you will quickly realize how challenging it is to visit some nice places by public transport in France, in general.

Fret not on visiting the Cap Blanc-Nez, however, as I have confirmed that it is possible to go there by train and bus.

Like my previous trip to Calais, I first took a train from Lille. However, due to the time I arrived at Lille’s Lille-Europe train station, I took a TGV train instead that was headed to Calais Frethun station, located in the commune of Frethun on the outskirts of the Ville of Calais. As I haven’t used this route before, the question for me was how to get into Calais city centre.

How to get to Calais Ville from Calais Frethun station?

From Calais Frethun train station exit, I walked for about 10 minutes towards a parking lot and traversed it to reach the village until I reached the bus stop called Gare de Frethun TGV. This bus stop was easy to identify as there is a café at the corner called Cafe de la Gare.

From there, I hopped on a bus Ligne 6 which terminated just outside of Calais Ville, the main train station in the city centre of Calais. This bus trip took more than 30 minutes for me.

The good news to all is that all bus rides in the Ville of Calais are free all day, every day which is fantastic and unusual for a country where people complain about everything getting “payant” or chargeable. They are doing this primarily to encourage tourism and help businesses earn more money.

How to Cap Blanc-Nez from Calais Ville station by public transport?

When my bus arrived at the terminal located just outside of Calais Ville train station, I switched to a bus Ligne 5 which goes all the way to the commune of Sangatte. My idea was to take this bus and hop off at its very last stop and then start a hike to the Cap Blanc-Nez.

The bus Ligne 5 leaves Calais Ville for the commune of Sangatte where you can start your walk to Cap Blanc-Nez. I have learned that during summer, this bus even goes all the way to Cap Blanc-Nez. How convenient!

As per my prior bus trip, the Ligne 5 bus trip to Sangatte was free and was surprisingly a double-decker bus. So, make sure to take the front seat on the second deck of this bus to enjoy some fantastic views and lovely rural sceneries of the region.

Take the front seat on the bus Ligne 5’s upper deck!
The “normal” last bus stop of bus Ligne 5 in Calais. However, during summer, the terminus of this bus is extended all the way to the Cap Blanc-Nez. Unfortunately, I went there during Spring so I had to hike instead which was also good.

I chose to alight at the town hall of Sangatte instead of the normal last bus stop called “Descenderie” was I wanted to take a glimpse of the Sangatte beach.

In front of the town hall of Sangatte, near Calais, France.

This proved to be a great decision as there was a free public toilet there to empty my bladder, and a food truck (it was stationed in front of the mairie/townhall) where I bought a sandwich for lunch and some drinks prior to starting my hike to Cap Blanc-Nez.

Hiking to Cap Blanc-Nez from Sangatte

After having lunch, I started my hike from Sangatte town hall and walked through the town.

Walking through the commune of Sangatte. It was peaceful and felt very safe.

As soon as I reached the outskirts of the town, the views became very interesting and lovely. The hiking paths are well-marked and it is nearly impossible to get lost. I also saw many locals doing hikes with some with their dogs so you will know the general path to Cap Blanc-Nez.

Here are the photos and videos from my hike to inspire your trip there:

I passed by this restaurant as I walked through the commune of Sangatte. Good to remember in case you prefer to eat in a restaurant (and there are not many of them there!).
Before leaving Sangatte, I saw a signboard showing the entire map of Cote d’Opale and its hiking routes.
From Sangatte, there are two separate hiking routes to the Cap Blanc-Nez. The one where you hike mostly by the coast is the shortest and quickest one. However, during my trip, I mistakenly took the longer route which traversed many hills but it was fine as I also saw many sceneries.
You will occasionally find some benches along the hiking route for a quick pause/breaks from all that hiking.
The hiking trail to Cap Blanc-Nez was filled with pretty wildflowers.
The more I climbed at a hill at Cap Blanc-Nez’s hiking trail, the more interesting the views become. It is breathtaking to see the sea from above the large boats below the horizon.
Wild blooming flowers made the hiking trail at Cap Blanc-Nez more pleasing and picturesque.
I passed by this area which had a turquoise-coloured pond and looked like a protected area to promote wildlife.
Views like these are why you should visit Calais and Cap Blanc-Nez!
It was a nice feeling to walk through this path under blue skies and sunshine.
Such a lovely day to be on the trail and to connect with nature.
The last downhill road from the Sentier Cap Blanc-Nez (where there is a patrol tower) was truly scenic.
Almost there!
Finally, after about an hour of hiking, I reached the Cap Blanc-Nez landmark!
The Cap Blanc-Nez monument, built on the hill, overlooks the sea and its surrounding areas.
Behind the monument is a viewpoint where you will enjoy a rewarding view of the English Channel and the coasts of France’s Opal Coast.
A scenery that was taken from the hill of Cap Blanc-Nez. After seeing this, I thought that I should go down there and not miss the beach!
After noticing the beach below Cap Blanc-Nez’s monument at the peak of the hill, I decided to go down there by taking this trail which had full of stairs.
The trail going down to the Cap Blanc-Nez beach offered jaw-dropping views of the rolling hills of Northern France, yellow fields of canola, and the view of the commune of Escalles.
One of the best coastal views of France’s Cote d’Opale (Opal Coast).
I absolutely loved this view going down to the Cap Blanc-Nez beach.
Behold! The white hills of Northern France and the Cap Blanc-Nez beach.
Local visitors and families love to take walks on the Cap Blanc-Nez beach and enjoy the views of the white cliffs of northern France.
I wish I had a beach blanket with me. I would have stayed on this beach a little longer and enjoyed some snacks or drinks while filling my senses with the sound of the waves and cool breeze of the English Channel.
Obligatory selfie at the Cap Blanc-Nez. Show a pic or it did not happen! 😂
Here’s the main highlights of Cap Blanc-Nez in a video summary!
After spending a great time at Cap Blanc-Nez, I decided to hike back to Sangatte using the shorter route by the coast. It was equally scenic and breathtaking!

Got questions about doing a day trip to Cap Blanc-Nez? Leave your message in the comments below.

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