Recently, I wrote about doing a day trip to the French border city of Thionville in Lorraine in the Grand Est region, northeastern France. Let’s head up north and do a day trip to Luxembourg, one of the smallest yet among the richest countries in the world!

A bus service connects the French border city of Thionville to Luxembourg’s Kirchberg Quarter.

How to visit Luxembourg?

Landlocked between Belgium, France, and Germany, Luxembourg is highly accessible and easy to visit by train, plane, car, or bus — depending on where you are coming from.

From Lille, it takes about 3-4 hours by train and carpooling service. From Paris, the journey by train takes just over 2 hours.

Ponte Adolphe (Adolphe bridge) is difficult to miss when you explore the city centre of Luxembourg.

What to see and do in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is one of the 3 cities considered as the capital of Europe. The other two are Brussels in Belgium and Strasbourg in France. Thus, the city of Luxembourg hosts many European institutions.

As a country, Luxembourg is predominantly rural. Yet, a visit to Luxembourg City will quickly reveal so many fancy, expensive cars rolling on its old streets.

The main destination in the city centre of Luxembourg is the Grund, located in a valley. From the surrounding hills, it offers a pleasant walking tour to explore the old town located in the valley.

This district boasts so many incredible historical buildings to see and stunning panoramas from its many viewpoints.

Here are some photos I have personally taken from my last trips there:

The fairytale-like castle of Grand Ducal Palace (Palais Grand-Ducal), home to Luxembourg’s grand duke.
A typical street view in Luxembourg’s Grund district.
Luxembourg’s Gëlle Fra (Golden Lady) represents the nation’s spirit of freedom and resistance.
The Luxembourg Viaduct (also known as The Passerelle) runs from the south of Luxembourg to its city centre called Ville Haute.
Panoramic view of Luxembourg City’s Grund district.
Luxembourg’s Grund district features many lovely gardens perfect for doing leisurely strolls and lovely walks.
I personally find the Cité judiciaire building in Luxembourg rather iconic.
A striking view of Pont Adolphe from a distance.
Luxembourg’s Kirchberg Quarter is the main business district in Luxembourg City, which includes many European buildings.

Luxembourg also offers fantastic destinations in its countryside. I personally have visited the Mullerthal and Vianden, which I both recommend for visiting if you have more time to spend in Luxembourg.

If you have more time to spend in Luxembourg, do not hesitate to consider visiting the beautiful rocky gorges of The Mullerthal. You can easily spend a day there taking a date with nature
You could also consider visiting the stunning medieval town of Vianden.
Fairytale-like castle in Vianden, Luxembourg.

Have you been to Luxembourg? What else do you recommend seeing?

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