Sometimes in life we find ourselves in an unwanted situation where we feel so strangled in complex and unhealthy relationships, alone and lonely, buried deep in debt, or forced to interact in a world full of hostile people.

Whether we were brought to that stage by happenstance, or by following the desires of our heart, by occupation, or by marriage, these are nonetheless the times when we feel completely hopeless, trapped, and our freedom feels severely curtailed. It’s dark, just dark and downright depressing.

So what do we do? Shall we just give up or watch things unfold? Can you really afford that?

I would say, we must withstand and then move forward.

Our lives, believe me, are far too precious to see a chunk of our lifetimes taken away by some nonsense.

If you are like me who believes in the singularity of life, then it’s likely you understand what I am saying that we can’t just let our own circumstances beat the best of us — especially by doing nothing. It’s unconscionable.

Just because today we’re at a disadvantage doesn’t mean we will not, at least, try to do something to improve things up. Just because we are losers now doesn’t mean we can’t win. It would piss me off… losing a fight without even fighting my enemies.

The approach that has always worked for me is to use the brain and common sense.

If the water is too rough to sail right now or the ground is too unstable, then it is hard to make a wise move until our minds are clear.

If there is too much strong emotion going on, which it often does in circumstances like this, it may be wiser to let the cloud of dust settle first and to not make a rushed decision or mindless reaction.

Travel the world, go to the mountains or run a marathon if you must if you can’t think with clarity. Spend time with nature and reconnect with your inner self. Be selfish. It is easier to deal with things when we eliminate the risk of creating more problems out of a single problem.

I found that it is easier to think clearly by temporarily steering away from the people we usually interact with, most especially those who are unsupportive and are known sources of toxic energy.

It may be good to cut yourself off from things that further aggravate what is already a troubled situation.

Steering away doesn’t mean fleeing from the problem, it only means stepping back to see the bigger picture of the situation and to analyze if there are parts you have overlooked to consider.

The distance allows us to see and identify which problem areas in particular that need to be addressed first. I am saying this because it is so much easier to see things if we put ourselves from the perspective of an outsider.

And sometimes, you might be surprised to find out, that the problem and/or the solution could just be yourself.

In fact, most often than not, the problem could be just be yourself, your inaction or reaction with respect to your circumstance. But then don’t be depressed or too hard on yourself. Chin up, be positive and do the stuff you have to do.

Deal with the problem logically and do what is required. Focus on where you can win and then expand from there. Confront the circumstance with a strong resolution and consistency, and then slowly pull your shit together.

Eventually, you’ll see that things will just naturally improve because you did something. You are doing something because you can’t afford to waste your lifetime being stuck.

You know, people will begin to notice once you start making efforts, and they might offer their support in a subtle way.

There is nothing more compelling and persuasive than seeing someone who bravely fights his own battles, smashing his own detractors in a conscious effort to win and cross the finish line.

Remember, you are an amazing being. Love yourself and stay that way.

If you are not happy where you are right now, change something, move to somewhere, and never stop until you are satisfied.

Until you are confident that you can make a new step, endure, strategize, and then conquer.

You live only once to let the opportunity (to improve and achieve) slip away.

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