My 2023 started quite dramatically.

First, my job contract in Munich, Germany ended in February, then I received my validated French Master’s degree and accepted a new job offer from a technology company in Kortrijk, Belgium, and then I suddenly found myself the following month waiting for the start of my Belgian work visa application so I could be on-boarded for my next job.

I have been told that the entire process could take up to 3 months. #lolwhat That is a lot of “free” time, but oh dear, that’s the bane of any non-European citizen wanting to work in the EU.

With nothing significant to keep me occupied while I am in this “in-between jobs” situation, at least for now, I decided to take this opportunity for self-development and to write again to share my personal life experiences in France and in Europe that spells out how I am “living the dreams” here.

Compared to my previous blogs, I will focus on showing the aspirations that I chased for in Europe, the dreams that I am presently realizing, and the plans that have yet to come true.

And, as what this blog’s name implies, I will strictly pen about the things I do outside of my professional life. No work stuff.

That is, exactly about when I am “offline” enjoying life and living it to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and musings from here onwards.

Cheers, John

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