Just an hour away from Lille by TER regional train, Amiens, located in the ancient French region of Picardie, is another perfect city in northern France to do a day trip.

Bienvenue à Amiens!

Known for its gothic cathedral and the home city of science fiction author Jules Verne and French president Emmanuel Macron, Amiens has many fantastic sights and activities in store for its keen visitors.

Here are some photographs I have personally taken in Amiens to inspire you to a trip there:

The towering 29-storey Tour Perret in Amiens helps you navigate the city as you discover its gems on foot.
The Somme River cuts through Amiens and offers water activities such as boating and kayaking both to its habitants and interested visitors.
Marvel at Amiens’ gothic cathedral from the outside.
Amiens’ gothic cathedral is an ancient masterpiece. Find out why this church has earned a good reputation over hundreds of years by entering it and appreciating its architecture.
The Cathedral Notre-Dame d’Amiens in full glory!
Take a pause for a cup of coffee or a hearty lunch in one of the cafés and restaurants behind the Amiens’ gothic cathedral.
Isn’t this such a perfect place to pose for a picture?
The attention-grabbing, sophisticated street clock called Dewailly ‘Naked Mary’ Clock stands at the corner near Amiens’ gothic cathedral.
From the Somme River, find your way to Parc Saint-Pierre to enjoy a relaxing time in Amiens’ green space and watch people doing sports, especially in the summer.
The Parc Saint-Pierre in Amiens, France.
Take a visit to the Maison de Jules Verne. It’s located in a walking distance from Gare de Amiens, the city’s central train station.
I personally like to stroll through Amiens’ Rue de Hocquet, a narrow street with shops leading to the Somme River.
Don’t forget to visit the bridges in Amiens’ for some fantastic views!
Fancy learning Amiens’ history, come and visit the Musée de Picardie located opposite of the Somme Préfecture building.
I also personally love walking by the boardwalk straddling along the Somme River.
You could also do my favourite activity in France in Amiens : café hopping for a cup of café allongé (long coffee).
It’s more fun to travel and discover Amiens together with your friends. Bah oui! (French expression)

Have you been or intending to visit Amiens? Let me know your thoughts!

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