As the winter season ended and the weather started to get warmer in Europe again, it also signaled the start of my participation in road and trail running races, especially in France, where I live. Thus, my 2023 running race season officially began! Will you join me in one of my races? Find out below.

What is great about running is that it becomes much more enjoyable when you do it with others for fun.

In my case, I love the fact that I could participate in many running events in nearby French cities and European countries and, at the same time, feed my wanderlust. It gives me an excuse to explore the region where I live in France and meet new, like-minded friends.

Running is my personally proven way to lose or manage my weight to stay light and healthy. With running, before you go out and compete with others, you first compete with yourself to build, manage, and improve your running performance vs your historical records. This particular mindset is what I’ve developed from running and has enabled me to do well in many other areas of my life over the years — including my career.

So without much ado, below is the list of my 2023 running events that I have participated in or will do soon.

2023 Running Events in Northern France and Europe

The list below also shows whether I’ve participated in the same race the previous year. If I did, the challenge for me would be to beat the performance I gave last year.

DATERACE NAMELOCATIONDistance2023 Performance vs 2022
April 2023
10/04/2023Quand Lomme CourtLomme, Nord, France10KM00:57:47, 10.38 km/hr (new)
May 2023
01/05/2023Course de Billy-MontignyBilly-Montigny, Nord, France10KM00:57:09, 10.499 km/hr (new)
14/05/2023DynamorunDunkirk, Nord, France8KM00:45:16, 10.61 km/hr, 00:52:16, 9.18 km/hr
18/05/2023Oxyg’hemHem, Nord, France10KM(did not participate),
00:56:13, 10.673 km/hr
27/05/2023Trail des Pyramides NoiresOignies, Nord, France22KM02:51:25, 7.70 km/hr (new)
June 2023
04/06/2023La Course du Moulin de VertainTempleuve-en-Pevele, Nord, France10KM(did not participate),
11/06/2023Polonia Run Oignies 2023Oignies, Pas-de-Calais, France15KM01:35:54, 09.76 km/hr (new)
18/06/2023Les 10KM de L’HexagoneWasquehal, Nord, France10KM00:54:07, 11.09 km/hr (new)
24/12/2023Course de la CitadelleLille, Nord, France10KM00:53:18, 11.09 km/hr
July 2023
02/07/2023Les Foulées des WeppesAubers, Nord, France10KM00:52:39, 11.40 km/hr (new)
02/07/2023Run Munich 2023Munich, Bavaria, Germany10KM(did not participate)
09/07/202310KM Course Entre Mer et ForetLe Toquet-Paris-Plage,
14/07/202310KM Les Foulées FretinoisesFretin, Nord, France10KM
Aug 2023
05/08/2023Ganghofer Trail 2023Leutasch, Seefeld in Tirol, Austria14KM(did not participate)
27/08/2023Course Pedestre Arras 2023Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France10 KM
Sep 2023
10/09/2023Les Foulees Ludopital 2023Roubaix, Nord, France10KM
Oct 2023
01/10/2023Brussels Half Marathon 2023
Brussels, Belgium21KM(did not participate)z
15/10/2023Boucles Tourquennoises 2023Tourcoing, Nord, France10KM
22/10/2023Liantis Urban Trail GentGent, Flanders, Belguym10KM(did not participate)
29/10/202310KM Course du Chicon Baisieux, Nord, France10KM
Nov 2023
05/11/202310KM Les Foulees LesquinoiseLesquin, Nord, France10KM
12/11/2023Pevele TrailFretin, Nord, France18KM
18/11/202310KM Urban Trail de Lille Lille, Nord, France10KM
26/11/202313KM Course Nature du Val de MarqueHem, Nord, France13KM
Dec 2023
10/12/202310KM La Corrida de Marquette-lez-Lille Marquette-lez-Lille, Nord, France10KM
15/12/202310KM Urban Trail de TourcoingTourcoing, Nord, France10KM

If you’re doing any of the above races, let me know in the comments below!

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