Up to this day, the town of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region located in Southeastern France remains the most beautiful city I have ever seen in France. So if you can visit this city, you should go and not miss it!

Sitting by banks of the clear, blue waters of Lake Annecy with breathtaking views of the French alpine mountains, Annecy features a picture-worthy old town centre and many scenic canals laced with shops and restaurants, earning the nickname “the Venice of the Alps.”

How to get to Annecy, France?

Annecy is located 3-4 hours away by train from Paris’ Gare de Lyon train station, and about 7-8 hours away by train from Lille.

In my case, I flew for an hour with an Easyjet flight from Lille’s Airport to Geneva, then arranged a car to bring me to Annecy. This route proved to be much faster and more convenient for me.

When is the best time to visit Annecy?

Annecy can be visited in any season, but you would be more captivated and mind-blown if you see this city during spring or summer, when all the flowers bloom under clear blue skies and sunshine!

If you are driving to Annecy, do take note that it can be very crowded in the summer to a point that it is almost impossible to find a parking space.

One Day in Annecy

If you have more time to visit Annecy, I highly recommend that you spend 2-3 days in Annecy to fully relish and savour what it has to offer, including its nearby areas.

I was lucky to have a friend who lives near Annecy. He showed me around the town and in the French alpine town of Chamonix.

However, if you are thinking of doing a day trip, it is also sufficient to see its highlights.

Below are some pictures and video clips I have taken myself from my last visit there to help inspire your trip:

A postcard material view of Lake Annecy. Clear and clean lake waters with the scenic alpine mountains on the background. It’s unbelievably too picture perfect!
Here’s how beautiful Lake Annecy is in video to appreciate it.
Annecy’s old town centre features many scenic canals with running water, earning it a nickname “the Venice of the Alps.”
Enjoy s fascinating stroll in the narrow streets of Annecy’s old town centre.
Visit the famous Pont d’Amour, a popular bridge of love in Annecy built in 1907 which carries a legend.
Annecy’s Pont d’Amour offers a vantage point of the Lake Annecy and the alpine mountains.
Take a leisurely walk along Annecy’s Canal du Vassé.
Don’t miss to try the famous ice cream at Glacier des Alpes in Annecy’s Rue Perrière. This shop can easily be identified as it attracts long queues of people.
Have a satisfying lunch by a picturesque canal in Annecy near Église Saint-François de Sales.
Go off the beaten path by following the canal upstream in Annecy. You’ll discover a serene place to enjoy the calmness of nature made perfect by the humming sounds of the stream.
Annecy celebrates diversity.
A breathtaking overlooking view of Lake Annecy from the mountain of Col de la Forclaz. The town of Annecy sits on the far end of the lake.
Annecy offers many hiking options to people who love mountain hiking.
Some buildings in the old town of Annecy have influence of the Italian architecture.
Lake Annecy at night in winter.
I truly enjoyed my walk on the boardwalk on some parts of Lake Annecy.
Watch the sunset over Lake Annecy to complete your day.

Have you been to Annecy? Share your thoughts and experience from your last visit in this city, or offer recommendations in the comment section below.

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