Think you’ve already seen everything in Lille Métropole and are ready to expand your horizons a bit? Then do a day trip to Kortrijk (French: Courtrai), a Flemish city in the West Flanders region of Belgium.

You’ll be surprised how charming this Dutch-speaking city is and how easy it is to visit!

Here’s a short video clip showing what you can expect to see in Kortrijk!

How to get to Kortrijk?

Kortrijk is only 36 minutes away by a regional TER train from Lille’s Lille-Flandres central train station and costs less than 10 EUR each way. From Roubaix, where I live, it is just 26 minutes away by TER regional train.

What to see in Kortrijk?

Together with the cities of Tournai and Lille, Kortrijk forms the transborder urban agglomeration subregion called the Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.

Despite its close proximity to the French border, the city of Kortrijk has many distinct features with the Dutch language being one of them. However, it is easy to move around with the English language.

Here are the photos I have personally taken in my past trips to Kortrijk to inspire your visit:

Kortrijk’s medieval bell tower stands in the middle of the town square surrounded with many restaurants, cafés, and government institutions.
Completed in 1390, the Saint Martin’s Church in Kortrijk, Belgium, features a gothic architecture dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours.
An ephemeral playground set up for the summer season near The Historical City Hall of Kortrijk building in the background.
A stunning view of the two conical, medieval Broel Towers connected with cobbled bridge over Leie River.
A closer look at the Broel Towers in Kortrijk, Belgium.
The statue of John of Nepomuk in the middle of the bridge spanning between the Broel Towers in Kortrijk.
A scene of Leie river from Buda Island.
The Mother Earth II statue in Kortrijk was created as an ode to nature which literally merges with its surrounding elements, and sees its feminine curves perfectly combine with the leveling of the terrain.
The scenic riverbanks on Leur River in Kortrijk boasts spacious paths on both sides, perfect for walks and cycling tours.
This part of Kortrijk also features many modern buildings.
A view of the Buda Street on Buda river island quarter in Kortrijk, Belgium.
The beautiful Kortrijk City Theater building.
King Albert skate park near the Leie River in Kortrijk, Belgium.
No city day trip of complete without having a few cups of coffee. In Kortrijk, the café called deDingen is among the right places to be!

Planning to visit Kortrijk? Share your thoughts below.

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